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Brand New MINT NOS NIB 1975 Philips CV2901 Military EF86 Heerlen Holland mesh shield tube with Mullard Label. Some of the most desirable EF86 tubes. Etched date codes 8Y8 45xx (delta or left triangle 5xx) for Philips Heerlen Holland plant. COSMETIC ISSUE Philips CV2901 EF86 1975 Military MINT NOS NIB Mesh Shield Mullard Label - Heerlen Holland - IMPERFECT LABELS COSMETIC


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MINT NOS 1957-58 Amperex/Philips ECC82 Long Plate tubes with D-Foil Getter. Heerlen Holland Production Date Code k63 revision and 47L or 48A. However, all of these test below reject range on a tube tester. That does not mean the tubes are dead. Amperex Philips ECC82 - MINT NOS 1957-58 Long Plate D-Foil Getter - Heerlen Holland (TEST BELOW REJECT RANGE - STILL PLAY FINE)


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