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Brand New MINT NOS NIB GE CANADA 5Y3GT Rectifier Tubes. Tubes are in Zaerix London Boxes. Made in Canada Brand New MINT NOS 1961 Mullard CV493 Gray Plates Square Getter Military Grade 6X4 EZ90 tube. Dual Logo Mullard Old Shield and CV493. SAME DATE CODE ON ALL TUBES YY1 B1J from Blackburn Production. Made in Gt Britain. Tubes come from the bulk box as shown. Rare Philips EZ90 6X4 MINT NOS NIB Mid-1960s Eindhoven Production - Made in Holland.
1059 1212 1243
Brand New MINT NOS NIB Thomson-CSF 6X4WS 3-Mica Welded Plates Military Ruggedized 6X4 EZ90 tubes. ST EGREVE Grenoble Alpes Plant Date Codes. Made in France. Very special 6X4 EZ90 tube. Brand New MINT NOS Toshiba 6X4 EZ90 tubes. Made in Japan.
Toshiba 6X4 EZ90 - Made in Japan
Single Tube = $18.00
43 in stock!
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