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E84L/7320 Premium Grade EL84 has higher ratings (450V Anode Voltage with 13.5W Anode Dissipation versus EL84 (300V/12W) or 7189 (400V/12W). These can be used for any EL84/6BQ5 or 7189 application with the exception of 7189A, which has a different pinout.
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Matched Pairs, Brand New, MINT NOS Late 1960s Funkwerk RFT EL84 Tubes with Alpha 6BQ5 Label. East German Production. These welded plate tubes are more desirable than the later stapled plate RFT's. Brand Spanking New, MINT NOS NIB Matched Pairs Siemens E84L 7320 Premium Grade EL84 tubes. Munich plant date codes. E84L tubes have higher ratings than normal EL84 as well as 7189 tubes.
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