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For the price of a pair of tubes, add a fun portable Analog source to your setup.

Story behind why we decided to carry Walkman type cassette players
Recently, our tech visited New Sennheiser Flagship showroom and was horrified to see sales people demo high end headphones with tiny iPod like players. It was excruciating to listen to 10 seconds of paper thin, anemic audio with such demo source. He recalled he was listening to far superior audio decades ago with 1981 Sony Walkman WM-2 cassette player and Yamaha Mario Bellini Design YH-2 Orthodynamic headphones.

Cassettes - the closest portable analog op
tion to Vinyl. Sweet, pure analog sound (no Nyquist limitations, no digital monkey recreating waveforms with anti-aliasing filters). Sound just as the nature intended.

Play with your favorite headphones, or through your tube-headphone amp or your regular Amplifier (with headphone plug to RCA Cable).

Specially curated SONY (Japan or Malaysia made) or
Panasonic (Japan or Taiwan made)
Walkman Cassette Players from 1993 - 2002 when this technology was at the peak.
Both NOS/NIB models (scarce) and Like New Reconditioned Models.

- Advanced and compact models just slightly bigger than a cassette (much smaller than early production Japan and late production bulky models made in Malaysia)

- Metal Body and Electronic Controls (more reliable than the mechanical controls of early production and late production models that were made in

- Most with DOLBY B (which many early models and late production models from SE Asia lack). Dolby is a must since most all tapes are encoded with this NR. For those who do not care for Dolby, we have a few models without Dolby.

- Most units with newer features like Auto-Reverse and Music Search etc.

- Except for sealed NOS players, like New Players are Reconditioned with New Belt, Cleaning of Tape Path, Tape Head Degaussing and speed adjustment.
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