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Flying Leads Plug&Play CV4001 - Premium Rectifier 6X4 CV493 EZ90 U78 CV4005 6063 6X4WA type.

GEC (Genalex) 6X4WA CV4001
May 12, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Horsens, Jylland Denmark  
This tube is  far the best I've tried, dynamic, neutral, transparent . The low end is smashing and the amount of detail is striking.

Other test tubes: MTV-U78 / Electroniqe 6x4/CV4005/Tung-Sol 6x4WA/Jan 6x4WA/Mullard EZ90
Equipment: Tentlab CD-player/PhonoDude (riaa).

Definitely Premium Overall!! - Genalex CV4001 May 20, 2010
Reviewer: David Picarsic from Augusta, GA United States  
After trying mullards, raytheon, toshiba, ect...., the toshiba was my favorite until i upgraded to one of these CV4001 tubes. I am finally finish tube rolling on all my gear. Every component of my system consist of the follwoing tubes. CV4109/CV4034/CV4035/CV4001. These are the best tubes to make your system step up to the next level. This will put a stop to your tube rolling and you can them focus on upgrading your capacitors/diodes/pots/ect.....