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NOTE: CANADIAN CUSTOMERS - SORRY USPS Rates for CANADA are same as the rest of the world as of couple of days ago.

TUBEMONGER SOCKET SAVERS with Vibration Reduction Base:
Save your expensive amps/gear from sonic and electrical problems. Use Novib Octal or Novib Noval adapters and save yourself costly visit to the repairman later. Sockets in your expensive gear can become loose with repeated insertions and expensive to replace. Loose sockets can be a source of variety of sonic and electrical problems.

WITHIN USA and US Territories - $4 FLAT Fee for First Class Mail for any number of items or tubes in a single order. 
Most of of the world - $10 FLAT Fee for AIR MAIL for any number of items or tubes in a single order....Special countries $15 for Registered Air Mail.

BRIMAR CV4034 - MINT NOS NIB 1965 Military Long Plate Prem. Grade Long Life ECC82/CV4003/12AU7/13D5 Halo Getter STC Prod. ENGLAND(Plug&Play Ready to Use) - M. Pairs/Quads/Singles Tesla E88CC 6922 NOS (NOT JJ) - M. Pairs MINT NOS Early-Mid 1970s Military Gold Pin Tubes - Rožnov n.p. Závod Vrchlabí
Single Tube = $60.00
Matched Pair = $80.00
Brand New MINT NOS NIB Rare 1965 BRIMAR CV4034 Long Plate Military tubes. CV4034 Flying Lead is Premium Grade, High Reliability Long Life version of ECC82/CV4003/12AU7/13D5 valves. Etched STC Rochester Plant Date Codes. Made in England. Tesla (NOT JJ) - Matched Pairs MINT NOS Early-Mid 1970s Military E88CC 6922 Gold Pin Tubes
2021M 198
Amperex Philips E88CC SQ 6922 - MINT NOS NIB Matched Pairs 1971 Heerlen Holland Prod (Same Date/Batch Code) G.E.C (Genalex) 6X4WA CV4001 Rare 1958-59 Black Plate Square Getter MINT NOS NIB Premium CV4005 Rectifier Marconi Osram Hammersmith Prod. England - Plug and Play Ready to Use
Matched Pair = $275.00
Single Tube = $50.00
Brand Spanking New in Box, Matched Pairs 1971 Heerlen* Holland Production PHILIPS SQ E88CC 6922. Heerlen Plant date codes 7LG 41G1 or 41F4. These select Special Quality SQ E88CC Holland E88CC/6922 are some of the finest made by Amperex/Philips. Rare Brand New, MINT NOS NIB 1958-59 G.E.C (Genalex) 6X4WA CV4001 Black Plate Square Getter Tubes. In white military boxes with brown cigar rolls. Made in England. Same date/batch code PG or QC KB/Z from MO (Marconi Osram) Valve Company, Hammersmith
1109 2060M
Siemens & Halske E81CC - 1966 MINT NOS 3-MICA 6201 Munich W. German Prem. ECC81 12AT7 - (Singles/M. Pairs/M. Quads) Mullard E188CC 7308 - M. Pairs MINT NOS NIB 1970s - Early 80s Gold Pin RTC French Label - Mitcham Plant Gt. Britain
Single Tube = $60.00
Matched Pair = $300.00
Siemens & Halske - 1966 3-MICA E81CC Munich W. German - Premium ECC81/12AT7 Matched Pairs, Brand New in Box 1970s-Early 1980s Mullard  E188CC 7308 Gold Pin Tubes with Dimple Disc Getter RTC France Label. Same Revision VRI and Date Code VRI R0xx, R1xx or R2xx from Mitcham Plant. Made in Gt. Britain. Well known for the rich Mullard
175 1111-Z

Today's Super Deal!

Tesla (NOT JJ) M.Pairs MINT NOS ECC88 Tesla Rožnov

Matched Pair = $30.00
NOT Current production JJ or Teslovak. MINT NOS 1960s Original Tesla ECC88 Tubes, Tesla Rožnov WITHOUT LABELS (read above). Produced in former Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). Sonically, these tubes were a pleasant surprise.

Top Sellers

Siemens 1982 Falcon ECC801S 12AT7 Germany Bundeswe
Single Tube = $37.00

New Products

Brimar CV4035 NOS Early60s Prem CV4004 STC England
Single Tube = $100.00
BRIMAR CV4001 6X4WA 3MICA SQ 1956 NOS NIB England
Single Tube = $50.00
BRIMAR CV4001 6X4WA 3MICA SQ 1956 NOS NIB England
Single Tube = $50.00


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